Specializes in manufacturing nonwoven textile production line especially such as Needle Punching M/C, Hi-Velour Needle Punching M/C, Cross Lappers, Auto cutter, Edge Picking machines etc. In addition, Samhwa Machinery armed with ceaseless technical innovation and service spirit is now expanding its area to the world. As a leader in the manufacture of machines for production of non-woven fabrics which are better recognized in foreign countries than in Korea. And we have our own patent and EU Marker (TUV) by developing and improving technology, R&D consistently.
Website http://www.sh-mc.co.kr
Main Product Needle Punching Machine The needle beam consists of two separate pieces, each piece being connected to one module box so that it is easy to perform repair or maintenance. Power transmission parts, including bearings, within one module box, have their own individual lubricating oil pumps designed to feed oil at constant flow speed and pressure. when one of these pumps fails, the machine stops automatically. The machine is installed on the special vibroisolating rubber base to minimize the vibration of the machine. It is also easy to change the installation place of the machine.
Cross Lapper The traverse unit is driven by the timing belt, not chain, in order to minimize vibration and noise. Antistatic urethane belt or mesh belt is used as feed conveyor belt, so that disarrangement or expansion of web is minimized during movement. A servo motor is used as traverse driving motor, so that uniform web density can be obtained at high or low speed. Laying width can be adjusted easily by a switch. The height of the lower floor conveyor can be adjusted according to the thickness of web, in order to prevent disarrangement of web.
Web Feeding System Web discharged from the lapper is smoothly fed, regardless of its thickness, to the needling zone of the pre-punching machine by the inlet rollers provided with the plastics fingers. Web, light or heavy, is smoothly fed, regardless of the production speed, and the overlapping of the web leads to no breakage of needles. Disarrangement of web caused by air turbulence generated during high-speed punching can be prevented.

We will become a company trusted by the customer and the society with endless product development and technical innovation and further, contribute to living together with nature. Started producing regenerated polyester fiber in the latter half of the 1980s, we have the eco-friendly production and future-oriented business system by expanding the regenerated fiber business. Currently, we are producing the fiber for car mat developing the product constantly and started the domestic packaging business by building the industrial packaging wrap production line in 2000, we are manufacturing the products good for the human body and environment fostering the packaging business of future environmental materials business. In addition, we built the production line of EVA sheet, the eco-friendly waterproof sheets developed in 2008, and are producing it and are planning to develop and produce the eco- friendly materials in 2019 constantly with the development of the eco- friendly biodegradable plastic.
Website http://www.evasheet.com
Main Product Polyester Staple Fiber
Fiber for car mat, as a differentiated product, has about 50 different colors including black, red, blue, and brown. They are the development of high value-added differentiated products, and various types and small quantity batch production as well. Especially, there is no change of color in the fiber for car mat, deriving from strong heat or temperature, thanks to excellent lightfastness.

They are the development of high value-added differentiated products, and various types and small quantity batch production as well.

Mirae Indus started the mold business in 1988, founded and run aluminum factory in 1994, and since then it has achieved 30% sales increases every year and moved to the extended current place in 2001. The speeding up of mold development in home appliances and motor-related products and the increased demand of aluminum products have activated the aluminum industries of mold processing through the industrialization of products, super-precision processing technology development and production to prepare for the high-end products. It also contributed to the cost reduction by producing high-quality products. Mirae Indus’s whole members have continuously tried to improve the quality and to produce more high-end products. As a result, our products are used for ex/interior materials of premium home appliances like PDP TV, DVD, large refrigerator, Kimchi refrigerator, etc., and made high additional values.
Website http://www.miraeindus.co.kr
Main Product Aluminum Extrusion frames

Electronic appliances manufacturers (like TV, refrigerator, DVD, home theater, etc), which needs aluminum parts bezel, frame handle, etc.
Also, MIRAE INDUS is providing aluminum frames to auto parts & forging products.

Electronic Appliance (PDP, DVD, Refrigerator)
-Mirae Indus for the Brand Name PDP TV, DVD, Home Theaters and Refrigerator.
Luxurious aluminum products with firmness and high gloss refine the nobility and value of the first grade appliances.

Auto Parts
Precision extrusion, the core of scientific technology and modern industry are the pride technology maximizing automobiles capability and safety.

Founded in 1979, with the sense of duty in charge of one of the automotive industry axis, build consistent production system (slitter + Jo Hall (Hall) + cutting, etc.). Recognized as high tensile strength, high Mn, ERW small diameter pipe manufacturer. To supply refrigerant small-diameter steel pipe (Φ 4.0 m/m) for electronics and aluminum header pipes for automotive and electronic. We are devoting ourselves to set global infra-structures.
Website http://jescokorea.co.kr
Main Product Automotive Small Steel Tube/Pipe

Automotive Small Steel Tube/Pipe
-Steel tubes for automotive: headrest, seat frame, wiper line, and oil filler
-AL tubes for air-control: for condenser link, air condenser & header tubes

Home Appliances
- Parts process: header pipe, linkage, joint.

Mijin Cosmetics is an OEM/ODM manufacturer and distributor specializing in mask packs and focuses on R&D as well as distribution diversification. Our products are accessible worldwide through a domestic and international distribution network. Our mission is that we offer affordable prices to the customer with convenient and effective. Products so that they can retrieve their skin’s natural beauty. The company will lead the world market is not only sheet mask packs, but also the development of various. Products, including basic cosmetics as well as functional patches.
Website http://www.mjcare.co.kr
Main Product MJ CARE Essence Mask Based on the various base ingredient of the mask sheet, MJ Cosmetic is providing various kinds of mask sheets with customized effects.
(Aloe/Arbutin/Pomegranate/Royal Jelly/Pearl/Red Ginseng/Snail)
-Sheet Material: Rayon
-Volume: 25g · 1BOX (10EA)

Skincare(Soothing Gel/Illusion Cream) Soothing Gel is transparent and light cream to provide skin soothing and supply moisture effects. Based on ingredients such as snail, Mayu, swiftlet nest, aloe vera, customers can choose the item which is needed for their skin. Customized illusion cream provides Snail/Mayu/Red Ginseng/Swiftlet Nest lines.
MJ CARE Hand & Foot Care Pack for dry hand & foot to provide moisture


DAEHWA INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY Co., Ltd. has grown and developed into a leader in the steel processing equipment manufacturing sector through continued technology innovation since its foundation in 1985.
Our main production items are cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel sheet Shear Line (Cut to Length Line), Slitter Line, Blanking Line, Forming Line, Continuous Processing Line such as domestic and international steel company in the equipment supply it has, steel processing machinery industry in the continued active management and market development for over 30 years domestic and abroad market and gain a competitive edge by becoming a global company in the global steel industry.

Website http://www.dhim.co.kr
Main Product Slitting Line The automatic unwind Back Tension Control is a unit that automatically keeps strip tension constant off the unwind as the coil builds down. Unwind tension is adjustable by the initial out the diameter of the coil, the thickness of the material and coil width input knobs mounted on the operator's control board. Dhim's various strip tension systems also help to ensure high levels of strip quality. We can provide Roll Tension units, Belt Bridle units, and Tension Pad units.
Shearing Line Entry equipment is designed with the correct mix of handling efficiency, coil protection, automatic strip tension, and center position control. The “Dhim” roller leveler is a precision machine tool for corrective leveling of flat-rolled strip or sheets.
They are designed to remove shape defects such as the crossbow, coil set, wavy edges, center buckle and so forth.
Blanking Line This system is composed of a coil skid car and coil car, which is designed to carry out the automatic loading after sensing both coil width and diameter and to automatically control the back tension power. It is possible to select one function from the press and feeder masters according to the properties of the product. The magnet piler is designed to prevent the product from being scratched and to make it possible to achieve the piling at the high speed. For this reason, the working speed of the total line can be improved.
Recoiling Line Mainly designed to accomplish edge trimming of metal strips from coils 0.23 ~ 2.3mmt x 700 ~ 1,600mmw x 35ton x 35mpm.
Edge trimmer with scrap baller or scrap cutter, strip surface inspection, coil system, flying shear, tension reel incorporated.


GREENTECH is carrying out national tasks such as the development of an underwater camera for pump condition monitoring and is leading the IoT technology in the pump sector.
Focusing on creating more efficient and convenient pumps by applying advanced IoT technology and 3D design and analysis technology. Look forward to opening up a new era of building smart factories within the Daegu National Industrial Complex. At Smart Factory, providing more reliable pumps.
Having different varieties of the pump which will use fields like in power generation, irrigation/agriculture, water treatment, underwater applications, general industrial use, etc.

Website http://grtec.co.kr/kor
Main Product Volute Pump Volute pump is needed for clear liquids-fresh water & seawater. Also can be used in general industrial & waterworks for household water supply building water treatment, irrigation water, building water treatment, air conditioning, spray(sprinkler), cooling or heating & circulation.
In terms of use in air conditioning, building services, circulating water systems, fire fighting, irrigation, paper mills, pharmaceutical, ports and docks, sugar mills, water supply.
Screw Pump Screw pump can be adopted in various fields such as water treatment (sewage, filthy water, wastewater, sludge), paper industry, foods & petrochemical industry, fiber industry, metalworking industry, sugar-manufacturing industry, and oil & fat industry.
Also in other industries such as ethanol-manufacturing, starch manufacturing, ceramic, mining, construction, livestock(cowhouses, hog barns), and fishing.
Screw pump can be used in terms of the mediation pumping station at the sewage treatment plant, inflow pump at the sewage treatment plant, return sludge pump in the process of activated sludge, irrigation water pump, drainage pump preparing for filthy water & flood.
Vertical Flow Pump 'Vertical flow pump is needed in terms of transferring of sump treated things. And also for Disposal of sewage, general wastewater, industrial wastewater and for filthy water.
In general industries, the factory sector mainly for water intake and drainage.
In the thermal power plant sector for cooling water, the ironworks sector for circulation and drainage. In Sewage system for water influent, effluent and water works sector for water intake and supply.
Especially in agriculture for water pumping drainage.
Vortex Pump Vortex pump is needed in terms of paper transfer, pulp transfer, sludge transfer, sewage treatment & wastewater.
Also in terms of wastewater transfer in slaughter houses, raw water transfer of sewage-disposal tank, transfer of night soil, pulp and solids, wastewater transfer in hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.
Vertical Drain Pump Verticle drain pump is needed in terms of transfer of sump treated things. And also for the disposal of sewage, general wastewater, industrial wastewater, and filthy water.


Since its foundation in 1993 as Hanyang Blinds, Hanyang Eco Tex became a leading company with high-quality technologies for window covering fabrics. Based on the best company creating a beautiful life, Hanyang Eco Tex Co., Ltd. has developed with building up technical development. In addition, as we have offered better quality, our company has been recognized in the overseas and domestic market.
We, Hanyang Eco Tex Co., Ltd., are reaching to the present with the comparative advantage in R&D and the flexibility of adapting quickly to the market changes. We will continue expanding diverse manufacturing bases, making more extensive and aggressive investments in Quality Control and providing high-quality product to the customer to become a leading global window covering fabrics manufacturers.

Website http://www.hyecotex.com
Main Product DUAL SHADES
Composition -Polyester 100%
Width -280cm
Weight- 202.9g/㎡±5%
Thickness - 0.67mm±5%
Light Fastness - Above 5-6 Grade
Tensile Strength -2100N
First Classification - Non F/R
Repeat Size- Solid: 10cm ±5%, Mesh: 6cm±5%
Packing- 40m/Roll
Composition -Polyester 100%
Width-210, 280cm
Weight-280g/m2 ± 5%
Thickness-0.5mm ± 5%
Tensile Strength -Warp : 2100N, Weft : 1700N
Light Fastness -Above 4.5 Grade
Fire Classification- F/R, Non F/R
Packing - 35m/Roll
Composition- Polyester 100%
Width- 205, 270cm
Weight -260g/m2 ± 5%
Thickness -0.45mm ± 5%
Tensile Strength Warp: - 2100N, Weft: 1700N
Light Fastness- Above 4.5 Grade
Fire Classification- F/R
Packing -35m/Roll
Composition- Polyester 100%
Width-210, 280cm
Weight-310g/m2 ± 5%
Thickness- 0.25mm ± 5%
Tensile Strength-Warp: 2100N, Weft: 1700N
Light Fastness-Above 4.5 Grade
Fire Classifi cation-KFI Passed


YOUNG SHIN F&S will be the best global Smart Furniture company with positive thinking, continuous development of technology and design innovation. Customer’s success with the maximization of business efficiency through smart furniture and the efficient official environment is YOUNG SHIN F&S’s realization of customer’s value. Designing all type of furniture which will be used in the office, many industries, and home furniture, etc.

Website http://planew.co.kr
Main Product Office Furniture
Designing all type of furniture which will be used in the office, many industries, and home furniture, etc.
They are manufacturing desk, mobile drawer, cabinet, bookcase, locker, lecture table, furniture for school, laboratory chair, dining table, sofa & reception table, partition, credenza.
Smart Cabinet(SmartNet)
Systematic and efficient paper document file management system that is possible to authorize the cabinet access with the illegal external leakage protection of document file and to manage the document files according to produce(register) store, search, issue and discard.

If you need a full product catalogue, please request by emailing to kamaevent@hotmail.com
with the specific company name of your interest.